Spring School on Quantum Information Processing- Gate-based and Annealing Systems - Remote

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The Jülich Supercomputing Centre will host the spring school on Quantum Information Processing – Applications on Gate-based an Annealing Systems” from March 27 to March 31, 2023. The school focuses on hands-on experiences in developing and implementing algorithms on both gate-based devices and quantum annealers. The hands-on sessions will be accompanied by several lectures covering basic concepts of gate-based and annealing systems, the design and implementation of use-cases, and big-picture lectures, all given by experts from the field.

Topics: Introduction to gate-based quantum computing, introduction to quantum annealing, formulating QUBO problems, Ising Hamiltonians, Variational Quantum Eigensolvers, Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm, simulation of quantum systems, classical vs quantum optimization

For the hands-on sessions, remote-participants must organize access to quantum annealing and gate-based ressources themelves. We suggest to use D-Wave Leap and Qiskit to be compatible with the exercises and solutions provided. We will further provide an online platform with a chat-function and file exchange to enable remote-participants to discuss and exchange results.

Please note that this is the registration page for remote participation. If you want to attend this event on-site register here.