TOAR-II workshop in Cologne, Germany

Meteorological Institute, University of Cologne

Meteorological Institute, University of Cologne

Pohligstraße 3 50969 Köln Germany
Helen Worden (NCAR), Martin Schultz (JSC)

The goal of this three-day meeting is to discuss the status and plans of the TOAR-II Community Special Issue papers and develop ideas for the TOAR-II assessment report. While the workshop will provide opportunities to advance discussions within the TOAR-II working groups, we want to place the focus on identifying cross-cutting topics, possible synergies and potential conflicts.

The workshop is planned as an in-person meeting in Cologne and there will be limited possibilities for virtual participation. As this will be the only full TOAR-II workshop prior to the submission deadline of the Community Special Issue, we encourage all members of the TOAR-II community, who want to actively contribute, to attend this event.