10 Year Anniversary Workshop of NVIDIA Application Lab at Jülich

Rotunda (JSC)



Andreas Herten (Forschungszentrum Jülich)

10 years ago, NVIDIA and JSC entered a collaboration called "NVIDIA Application Lab at Jülich" to enable applications for GPUs and improve GPU utilization.
Since then, we worked together with many applications, optimizing various aspects of device usage, first on machines with few HPC GPUs, and finally on Europe's fastest supercomputer, with more than 3500 GPUs.

In the 10 years anniversary workshop, we would like to look back by sharing results from application projects; and we would like to look forward, seeing what is on the horizon for GPUs.

The workshop will start after lunch on 21.6. (13:00) and will go until 13:00 of 22.6.